Hanex® Worktops

Hanex solid surfaces are a well known and popular choice for kitchen worktops, bathrooms and commercial projects due to their durability, ease of cleaning, tolerance of cuts and scratches, heat tolerance, stain tolerance, hygiene, and – last, but not least – the extensive range of colours.


Durability of Hanex® Worksurfaces

Hanex is extremely hardy and will tolerate a considerable amount of abuse – which can easily happen in a kitchen, no matter how careful you are! Whether you use Hanex as a kitchen worktop, or as a splash back, it is tolerant of a fair degree of heat too.

That doesn’t mean that you can go putting pans on to it straight off the cooker, or out of the oven. You should always, always, use a trivet, but that goes for almost any work surface, including granite, marble, and other surfaces that you might think can take anything.


Hanex® and Resistance to Stains

It goes without saying that any spills should be wiped up as soon as they are noticed, but again this applies to any work surface. However, with a Hanex worktop you will have far less of a problem – if any – than you would with something like marble or granite.

Things like red wine, butter, coffee, lemon juice, curry powder, and so on, that might easily damage more porous surfaces, won’t have any effect on Hanex countertops. During testing it has been exposed to materials such as nitric acid, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid, ammonia, petrol, methyl alcohol, and acetone, all of which have been left on the surface for 16 hours, without any damage occurring whatsoever.


Hanex® Resistance to Cuts and Scratches

As with all kitchen work surfaces, you should always use a chopping board when cutting meats, vegetables, and so on, rather than cutting them directly on the work surface. One of the major benefits of Hanex acrylic is that the colour goes right the way through the material. What this means is that – if you should cut or scratch the surface of your Hanex worktops – all that you need is a little fine sandpaper, and you can sand out the scratch. It’s really that simple. You will never know that the scratch or cut was there.


Colours Of Hanex® Solid Surfaces

There is a huge range of colours available with Hanex. There are solid colours – reds, greens, blues – dark tones, light tones, and many with a mottled effect. Whatever sort of colour scheme you have in your kitchen or bathroom, you will find something in the Hanex range that will suit you.

You can also team the colours, so you could have all of the work surfaces in one colour, and then the splash backs in a different, but complementary colour.

View the complete Hanex colour range here (Opens in new page)


Other Uses Of Hanex® Solid Surfaces

Hanex worktops are not only used in the home and in commercial kitchens, but are also specified for a wide range of different uses. You will find it in use as shelving in dentists and doctors surgeries, airport check in desks, reception areas, bar counters, hospitals, commercial wash rooms, laboratories, and more. Most of these applications require a product that is super-hygienic and completely resistant to staining, cannot harbour bacteria or moulds, looks great, and is really simple to clean, which is why Hanex countertops are obvious choice.

Furthermore, when you choose Hanex acrylic for your kitchen or bathroom, you are helping the environment. Hanex is manufactured in specialist factories that recycle 100% of the water used, and where the air is purified, and all dust, dirt, and pollutants are removed, so that you know that the final product is nothing short of what you would expect in the finest hotel or most fastidious hospital.

Certainly, there are other materials to choose for a kitchen work surface, but there are none that incorporate all of the benefits of Hanex, with no possible disadvantages whatsoever.


Hygienic Qualities of Hanex® Worktops

Being totally non-porous, no germs or bacteria can possibly live on – or in – the surface. Obviously, this is a critical factor when it comes to food preparation in a kitchen environment. Hanex acrylic work surfaces are also completely fire resistant, and have all of the relevant European certification for safety, both in the home and in public buildings. 


The Design Possibilities of Hanex®

Hanex acrylic can be cut, moulded, thermoformed, routed and shaped into any 3D shape that you wish. No matter what the design of your kitchen or commercial project, Hanex acrylic can be produced to fit. 


Hanex® Quotations, Supply and Installation

We supply and install Hanex work surfaces to both residential and commercial customers, for use in many environments from kitchens to retail shops. If you would to obtain a quotation for a Hanex worktop or solid surfaces please contact us via telephone, email or use our online quotation form. You may also order free samples of Hanex worktops using our sample request form here.