You will be glad to know that – when you choose Hanex work surfaces for your kitchen or bathroom – maintenance is absolutely minimal, and consists mostly of using your common sense.

To begin with, avoid placing anything on the surface that is extremely hot. This includes hot pans from the stove and the oven. You should always use a trivet with rubber feet, rather than place anything that is hot directly on to Hanex. The manufacturers themselves say that the maximum temperature of a pan placed directly on the surface should be no more than 170° F.

Equally, don’t use a Hanex work surface to chop or cut vegetables and other foods on. It’s simple really, always use a chopping board. Sharp knives can possibly cut or scratch Hanex surfaces. There are different types of chopping boards that you can buy, including tempered glass, but these are likely to damage the blade of your knife. The best bet is to use wooden chopping boards.

You should never use strong acids or other chemicals in the kitchen. Certainly, people do often do this, but strong chemicals and acids are not a good idea in a food preparation area. Anything that is a strong acid, such as those used in drain cleaners, should be flushed with water and wiped clean immediately.

Similarly, it is not a good idea to smoke in the kitchen, allowing the possibility that a cigarette might fall off an ash tray and cause a burn mark in the Hanex surface. If, by chance, this should happen, the remedy is to scrub the area with an abrasive cleaner, using a green Scotch Brite pad, or light sandpaper.

Very deep scratches or cuts can be removed by rubbing with 120 grit sand paper, followed by 220 grit, then 320 grit. Finally, rub the surface in a circular motion using a green Scotch Brite pad.

Much the same thing applies to any persistent stains, although most materials will not harm Hanex and cause staining.

Try not to keep heavy pots and pans, such as those made of cast iron and enamel, in cupboards over the work surface. It is only too easy to drop them, since they are very heavy. They should be stored in cupboards under the work surface, so that if the worst happens they will only hit the floor.

If you should be unlucky enough to cause deep scratches or other damage to your Hanex work surface, and you do not feel confident enough to attempt repairs yourself, simply call in your authorised Hanex distributor, who will deal with the problem for you.

Hanex solid acrylic work surfaces are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of installation in both domestic and commercial situations. However, liability is confined to faults in manufacture and does not extend to problems occasioned by improper use, abuse, mis-use, improper installation, or solid surface products that are removed from their original place of installation.